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Picture of a pair of hands representing fine motor skills

Fine Motor

Learn about different types of grasps, Pencil Grasp strategies, Cutting Skills, Fine Motor Activity Tips and Strategies, and much more!

Child developing into older kid

Child Development

Discover the progression of child development skills, why it’s important and activities that build strength to form a strong foundation.

Person surrounded by lines representing sensory inputs


Learn techniques that Occupational Therapists use to Increase Focus, attention and to help kids avoid sensory overload!

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Meet the Occupational Therapist

Meet the Occupational Therapist

Hi, I’m Kelly.

I help kids overcome challenges!

Hi, I’m Kelly DeYoung, a mother of 4 awesome kids and an Occupational Therapist that has worked with children for over 15 years. I refer to my own children, and the kids that I work with, as “my children”!

When it comes to your child’s development, I want you to know that YOU really do make the difference! Thats why I want to empower you with information, strategies, and tips that can make a difference in your kiddo.

Together, we can help your child grow

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