Need Quick Skill Building Activities?

The Best Cheat Sheet to 5 Minute Skill Building Preschool Activities!

Boy making letters out of string demonstrating a 5 minute preschool activity

Why do preschool activities always tend to have a lot of parts, messy, and take a lot of time with set-up and clean-up?

Guess What?

They don’t have to

Need Quick Skill Building Preschool Activities…

with minimal mess?

Getting Kids to stay Focused is hard! Then throw in remote learning and it feels nearly impossible. Adding quick Brain Breaks does not have to be over complicated. In fact, simple tasks are often very effective!

Ready to Maximize Your Student’s Focus?

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  • 25 Skill Building Preschool Activity Ideas
  • Get 5 Minute preschool activities for
    √ Fine Motor
    √ Gross Motor
    √ Eye-hand Coordination
    √ Core Strengthening
    √ Attention
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